This Box is a veritable cabinet of wonders: Explore the twelve astounding tableaux, full of special effects and a volume of essays, making invisible cultural history visible – flying dragons over Mt. Pilatus, wild stories from the interior of the Gotthard, time travel in the Hammetschwandlift, fantastic unrealized or vanished architectural projects around Lake Lucerne and much more!

Our 12 Chapters/Tableaux:

  1. THEATRE / Curtain up! The Landscape as Stage
  2. DRAGONS / Studying Fabled Creatures – Scheuchzer and the Helvetian Dragon
  3. HORRORS / Blindfolded over the Gotthard
  4. MIRRORS / Picturesque Effects with the Claude Mirror
  5. READING / “In the steps of …” – Literary Tourism as a Cultural Technique
  6. COLOURS/ Seeing Scenery
  7. ARCHITECTURE/ Unbuilt or Vanished Architectural Structures
  8. DARKNESS/ In the Caverns of the Gotthard
  9. OCEAN/ Tempests, Tsunamis and Oceanic Drifts
  10. TIME TRAVEL/The Bürgenstock in Four Time Dimensions
  11. CHARACTERS/ Where the Wild Things Are.
  12. VISITORS/ An Imaginary Group of Travellers Spanning over Three Centuries