Lake Lucerne and the Gotthard – like you have never seen this landscape before

We have created 12 moveable tableaus that – like pop-up books! – can be folded out, opened up, cut out and set up to tell fascinating stories from around Lake Lucerne and the St Gotthard pass region. Special effects and a richly illustrated book of essays make cultural history visible – fire dragons on Mt. Pilatus, William Turner painting the sun rising over Mr. Rigi, or a group of internationally famous travellers entertaining each other on their way through the St. Gotthard Pass. We promise to show you Lake Lucerne and the Gotthard –like you have never seen them before. Order now!



Our imaginary wanderings will take you from the wide open lake over the mountain peaks to deep down inside in the tunnels and caverns of the Gotthard. Our prototype communicates cultural knowledge in an innovative way that invites users and spectators to engage interactively with the subject matter. Mix the paint colours of Turner’s palette, read the wild stories from the interior of the St Gotthard Pass, take a seat in this gigantic theatre of sky, water, rock and forest, and be there when the turquoise-coloured Lake Uri turns into a seething ocean! Don’t to miss a great experience – join us on this extraordinary journey here!

Elegantly packaged in a stable box, there is one surprise unfolding after another: each chapter offers an interactive instrument that you can take out and try out – a mirror, a colour fan, a set of cards… In this way, engaging with the Box will make you experience a playful way of seeing scenery. An accompanying book of essays provides each individual story with additional information. The Box is published in English and German.


Imaginary Wanderings No. 1, “Lake Lucerne and the Gotthard – like you have never seen this landscape before” was published in November 2016. It is available in book stores ((ISBN 978-3-9524605-1-1) . You can also order it here at the price of CHF 88.-, plus postage and packing CHF 12.-). The order is binding.